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Oct 02, 2011 Josh Visser, Staff

Inspired by protesters along Wall Street and in other U.S. cities, hundreds are expected to occupy Toronto's Bay Street in two weeks to air their various grievances against the financial system and its wealthiest companies.

The protest near Wall Street in New York is entering its third week, and doesn't appear to be slowing down. In fact, a police crackdown has only emboldened protesters and some are now expecting the "occupation" to continue into the winter.

The organizers of Occupy Toronto plan to descend on King and Bay Streets on the morning of Saturday, Oct. 15 to set a base of operation to prepare for a march on that Monday. Organizers hope the occupation will last into the following week.

It's not clear how or if the goals of the Occupy Toronto organizers differ from their American counterparts. In the U.S., the main complaints have been bank bailouts, the lack of financial oversight that led to recession, foreclosures and high unemployment.

Canada bailed out its auto industry but not its banks, and many of the problems that have plagued the American financial system do not have easy parallels north of the border.

But the U.S. protests suggest Occupy Toronto could have a greater reach than its core demonstrators, which includes veterans of the G20 in summer 2010.

Recently, some unions have begun demonstrating with the Wall Street protest, which suggests the movement could receive some well organized and heavily financed support.

Some commentators have compared the protests to a left-wing version of the initial stages of the Tea Party movement. However, one of the main criticisms of the New York movement is that it is leaderless and has dozens of different answers for "why are you here and what do you want?"

The Occupy Toronto Market Exchange held its first meeting on Sept. 29. The group had about 2,400 "likes" on Facebook as of Friday evening, with more than 600 people planning on "attending" the action.

A video clip posted to YouTube on Friday encourages protesters to "occupy" the intersection at King Street West and York Street on Oct. 15, "as part of a global movement."

On the west coast, protesters are organizing a similar demonstration on the same day in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. By Friday evening, more than 800 people said they planned to attend that protest, according to Facebook.

Both events are apparently scheduled to last until Dec. 31.

Spurred on by the success of similar protests, demonstrators across Canada have been trying to mobilize via social media.

Protesters in Edmonton intend to hold a brainstorming meeting on Oct. 6 ahead of an "Occupy Edmonton" protest, according to a Facebook event.

Cities such as Calgary, Saskatoon, Montreal, Winnipeg and Regina also have Facebook pages but it's unclear whether protesters have arranged any meetings yet.

Demonstrators from all of the above cities have also been posting messages to Twitter, using the hashtag "#Occupy" followed by the city's name.


"one of the main criticisms of the New York movement is that it is leaderless and has dozens of different answers for "why are you here and what do you want?""

a movement of the people deserves hundreds of answers. this is our strength, the illusion of national direction and resolve is falling apart, we do not all want the same things that is why it is important to listen to each other. the people with the power (money) are no longer listening.

I have been trying to recruit people for 17 entry level positions on the shop floor building communications units for the far north. We offer full training, benefits, and assist with childcare plus a starting wage of $28 an hour. In the last six months I've hired 4, 3 of which quit when they found out that they are actually expected to WORK 35 hours each week. I have no sympathy for these fools out protesting over how hard done by they feel. No Free Rides Here! TANSTAAFL= THERE AINT NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH.

Ian in Oshawa
How some of you can willfully defend banks by going after the protesters is unbelievable. These protesters are marching against the banks and their grip over our economy, not for reasons of communism or socialism as some commenters have foolish stated. This is about stopping the top 1 per cent from sucking everyone else dry. Our issue isn't with you conservatives, it's with the top 1 per cent.

Notice how every protestor in the photos is under the age of 30. There's a reckoning coming for the baby boomers; their unchecked greed ran the country in to the ground and now they'll get to pay for it.

Were I an American , I might well be protesting on Wall street , which has become a complete scam now subsidized by the American taxpayer .On the other hand our banks and investment houses are regulated. They are not necessarily less dishonest but at least they are not allowed to be excessively greedy . Those who demonstrate in Toronto , I think probably want to end capital markets but one only has to look at the alternative to see the very real shortcomings. Regulated capitalism with buyer beware.

"Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is how it always has."

Glen said: "If people swarmed the ballot boxes it would do more good". How would it do more good, Glen? We don't have ANY party at this time that is prepared to stand up to the big-businesses that are currently taking us all for idiots. They, along with Government, sucks all the cash out of our pockets, shakes us upside down for the last red cent to fall in their hands, and then wonders why "capitalism as usual" isn't working.... going onward and upward. Do you think these mass demonstrations would be taking place if people had money in their wallets and could afford a little more than the basics of roof, heat and food? The imbalance (Rich vs Poor) HAS to come to and end. Hopefully the protests on Wall Street and Bay Street will just be the start.

This had been coming for a long time. People the world over are being affected to such extremes by the rich that are trying to control the world.I am from Ireland and know first hand how it feels to have you future striped from you. The people taking to the streets are fighting for change in the world its been happening all over Europe for a while now. I am so glad to see the world is finally starting to unite on the issues. If you would like to live in the new world order then good for you have fun with that. We like our freedom and love our country. The time to stand together is now

Can't these home grown protesters do something original? Do they always have to follow the lead of the USA? If the US protests are "inspiring" Canadian copycats, does this mean the Americans are "pulling the strings" and the possible Canadian protesters are stooges for their American masters? Or does that only apply to Canadians out of favour with the lefties when they co-operate or follow what happens in the US?

These protestors are nothing but communists.

I don't want to live in a North America where redistribution and success are made impossible because a generation of morons are jealous of what other people have and too lazy to earn it on their own.

Doug in Alberta
I normally don't support protests but I kind of get this one. I too, am tired of government bail-outs and the antics of Bay Street or Wall street, and stock traders. It's an over simplification but I wonder what would happen if we chased all the day traders back into their mothers' basements and shut their computers off, just for a month. Would things settle down? Seems to me that a big part of our problems are the frantic hourly observations, and reporting, of the stock markets. This only promotes buying and selling, at an unhealthy rate. Most of the frenzied trading activity has nothing to do with commodity value. It's all about making money without doing any real work.

- A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason from Within!Occupy, is about Freedoms, Rights, and the puppets who rule by bankrupting everyone with Interest Rates, too much government,In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. – George Orwell
If you want to make someone angry, tell him a lie; if you want to make him furious, tell him the truth. All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident. – Arthur Schopenhauer Philosopher, 1788-1860

@Diane If your RRSP have lost money it is your own fault. You need to better manage your accounts. Stocks are publicly traded and the reason you lost money was because other people sold stocks before losing $ and you did not.

Prof Cream Puff
My colleague Pie Chart is wrong once more. He is a model of consistency. I applaud those who have the courage of their convictions. Perhaps we can occupy Ottawa as well and if that was to happen, I will be happy to join the group and support it as required. I much prefer this form of people protest to anarchy! DO NOT give up people, at the end of the day, the power does rest with you all.

j bean
World wide debt is how many trillions? There is personal debt and government debt owed by all of us at the municipal, provincial and federal level. We work much of the year just to pay taxes that go toward paying interest on debt.
The world is overloaded by this burden and a permanent solution has to be found.
What would happen if everyone just refused to pay? Wouldn't that be better for the majority of the worlds' people?
The banks that are owed this debt are not more important than the people that work most of their lives paying taxes to pay government debt.

Wow. I can't believe some of these comments. One of the biggest problems with Canadians is that we are too willing to accept whatever the government and big business shoves down our throats. Do we want to be like the Americans? Set up "Free Speech Zones" and arrest anyone who dares to go against the government? Actually, that's starting to sound a lot like China.The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. I just read about another 300 automotive manufacturing jobs lost in Welland, ON. That plant closure can be directly blamed on the greedy crooks from Wall St and Bay St. They weren't getting enough return on the plant so it's shuttered, It was profitable, there was a 16 per cent return on investment and that wasn't enough for the greedy stockholders. They wanted 30 per cent. What's the interest rate these days? Eventually this house of cards is going to collapse. These companies need to realize that if they ship ALL of the work overseas, we are all unemployed and can't buy their products! Then again, maybe they don't care. China is getting to be affluent now and they can sell everything to those workers. I'm not surprised that there are protests. I'm surprised that people took this for this long. Take to the streets, people and take your lives back. Just do it peacefully, please. I don't want to see anyone hurt.

Sandy Winnipeg
Unlike in the states the rich do pay there fair share of taxes could be higher sure. My bigger issue with those abusing ei and welfare thats needs to be fixed.

Protesters gave American blacks civil rights, women the right to vote, toppled tyrants in the N.Africa, ended land mines, ended Nam, tried to stop Iraq ................ Seems to any reasonable person protests not only serve the public good in many cases they are downright heroic!

Tara Mindell
Make sure to include protesting big name stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Sears, Home Depot stocking "Made in China" merchandise which means someone in North America lost a job or does not have a job because of it. Stop being consumers of those stores and stop wearing high fashion clothing if it's "Made in China" . This is a big part of the problem how China and it's corporate partners are milking millions at our expense.

The Canadian government needs to listen up !! The times we are living in is not "same old, same old". People are fed up with leaders who refuse to act in the best interests 0f the people and who refuse to stop playing politics.... it is in their best interests to pay attention, close attention.

Todd in BC
I'm choked at the US banks too and the way they've profited from their poor business decisions and squandered the public purse given through QE1 and 2, but I'm not sure what this protest hopes to accomplish especially in Canada. However I do have a sinking feeling these guys are going to cost me money when some zealous politician overreact to the media coverage and makes some stupid policy decision that negatively impacts the economy...and my portfolio. Protesting, just for the sake of protesting, has more to do with the desire to feel like you're making a difference; but without a clear and reasonable goal/plan it may do more than harm than good. But then again, thinking for yourself, being mature, keeping your emotions in check, and planning things through is so old fashioned and totally uncool... and theses guys would call me a sheep.

Maury Finkel
The Market Masters love to talk about globalization and how China is an "emerging market" under national capitialism. Sure. Nice try! What is really going on is that Corporate Elites have paired up with Communist China Politburo business men who share ownership of the Chinese factories 50-50. Millions enslaved for peanut wages as they close factories in North America and then dump huge "Made in China" product into big name stores throughout North America. We are struggling on low wage jobs that have not seen any rise in pay since 1980 pay scales, living on credit card debt (financed by China) as they drive us into bankruptcy and dump more and more "Made in China" on the shelves.

THERE ARE LOTS OF JOBS GOING BEGGING. Stop your whining and actually go out and get one. The problem is that you are unwilling to actually work, either the job is "beneath" you or you simply won't work for the wage offered. No sympathy for you, losers.

Why is it that Canadians always copy every thing the Americans do, don't they have a mind of their own. If you want to protest something start with the TSA groping people I don't see any protest for that... it's human rights being violated.

Bob McGrath
The comments on here are ridiculous. 1 per cent of of society controls 95 per cent of the wealth; how is this a system that works. Are you telling me that the people who control all this wealth all worked for it? Or were they born into it. Amidst a mess of a world thats increased the past 3 years, due to corporate, publicly traded greed, and corrupt politicians you are the problem if you think these protestors are lazy welfare hoards. They are disenfranchised youth who have no stake in your oligarchical society. Your arguments are a joke in the face of the real issues facing the world. You actually agree with such disparity in the world that you sicken me; right wing left wing or centre... its clear the system does not work.

buy stock and change the company. Do you people live in the real world. Wealth division has increased enormously. Many people don't have money for pensions, health care and even food, and you say buy stock? How arrogant.

That is the big problem with people nowadays, especially the newer younger generations. They waste their resources and ideals protesting and breaking the law instead on focusing all that wasted energy into contributing something positive for the economy and community as a whole.

Sandy Winnipeg
As long as there is no rioting, looting, or violence against the police or any other people, I would support this protest wholeheartedly. The rich in Canada have had a free ride on the backs of the middle class for too long. Middle class families can't afford a home even with a university education. And the rich just get richer?? This must change!

Refuse to wear big name brands such as NIKE, G-STAR, REEBOK, all "MADE IN CHINA"! Toss all junk Made in China in the garbage! This global scam is making a few rich with millions upon millions dirt poor and made by enslaved masses by corporate greed!

Sam C
Some signs read "Protestors Have Rights." Why? Just because your sign says so? These people have NO right to enter and occupy private businesses. While I understand their concerns, they are misguided in their approach.

Bob Mckanzie
Learn about fractional banking, the biggest fraud the world has ever seen. There is more debt then there is money - that is a fact. Money is created out of thin air by private banks. I am not a 'left wing radical' far from it, I support Ron Paul. That being said - I support occupywallstreet. I have had enough of the banks and giant corporations absolute corruption. The companies are corrupt and the system is broken. We need a NEW system of government and economy. To bad I can't vote for these changes.....

Curtis Bryant
Business what has it done for North Americans except ship our middle-class manufacturing jobs to China and other nations of enslavement! It's a scam with a pretty word the engineers of this corruption like to use "Globalization" or "Emerging" Markets. What a farce!

To everyone calling the protesters unemployed losers: I am one of those protesters, and I also happen to be a business owner who contributes a heck of a lot more in 'taxes' than most of you who have let your ego's rant so loosely on here, as usual. Think before you type, your current strategy is inaccurate and petty.

First there are no media backouts could the media not be paying attention maybe some but lets not seem like its a blackout.As for your the 99% more like the 20% sure there are many upset online but that does not mean its the 99%.My biggest issue is over and over i hear we need the gov to stop spending the issue is many that say that then turn around and want more and more social programs.

Prof Pye Chartt has it right

Janice Daidone
It is about time that the little people stand up to the fat cats that have destroyed our country out of greed....In Canada we are far too complacent in these matters. We have to stand up to these movers and shakers that have plunged our countries into the worst recession in 35 years and the rampant unemployment going on because of their terrible decisions...

Get a job? What job? there aren't any! All the people with comments of " Get a Job " I would like to see them lose theirs so they can wake up to the reality of the current job market. We used to be a manufacturing country selling finished products, now the big corporations just sell all of our raw materials out of country and our jobs went with it. How about the proposed mine in B.C. a few months back our gov was all in favor of? Land leased or owned by the Chinese Gov., mined by Chinese labor imported from China, all supplies coming from China to run it and all the product mined being shipped straight to China. B.C. gov just sits back and collects taxes, BUT ..... how does that help us with jobs? No need to say how it went over in the community is there?This is what the protest is about to me.

I don't think people realize how stressful it is to get a DECENT JOB nowadays! I graduated University three years ago and I'm working a job that a highshool graduate could get, and I am underpaid for my skill set. Yes, the reality is that there is competition, but not to this extent! I've gone through so much stress trying to secure a good job. If it wasn't for my parents, God knows where I would be living or how I could afford to live. This is a reality for a lot of us graduates. Sure there are lazy people out there who expect everything from the government but there are also hard working people that want more equity and possible job advancement. I think there are a broad array of issues that concern the average Canadian, for me it's my job above all right now.

Working Taxpayer
And the usual suspects are at it yet again. There is no public support for this nonsense and Canadians expect the police to act according to the law. If these idiots try to disrupt society then it's directly to jail with them You want change? Try working for it instead of marching. You damned fools want to march and behave like spoint kids, then just march yourselves off to bed, One more thing, stop crowding the welfare roles and get a job, pay your way for a change, professional protesters.

Don't like big business?? Big businesses are publicly traded companies. Buy stock and change the company.

NEVIN from Brooks, AB
I'm sick of these "left-wing" radical type people. If they really want to help society, grab a broom, pick up trash along the city streets or volunteer in some other way. They all should be arrested and charged

W. Bon
It is about time, some one can stand up and say something, the US financial system shoud be changed.Bankers and Wall Street should be more controlled anf follow rules.

Anna Marie Bohus
The people are finally waking up from their apathetic stupor. It's about time! All of us who care about our country and democracy should support these efforts. Governments must be made aware that unfettered corporate greed will no longer be acceptable. The present status quo is not sustainable to our well-being. It is leading to the erosion of our society. We will not be ruled by the upper !!!

Of course, it's all the evil corporations fault. There isn't a way to make money without being evil. Nobody is greedy unless they already have more than they need. I'd like to see a protest where everyone says, "What is our part in it? How can we fix things?" Nope, it's the "evil" ones who have to change. Quick question...if someone starts out dirt poor, works towards bettering themselves, and years later finds themselves successful, and the head of a major corporation, do we know the exact moment in time they become evil? And as a small business who is incorporated and paying taxes, am I automatically evil? As the only employee, since I pay corporate taxes, does that mean I'm oppressing myself? And since the majority of companies that pay corporate taxes are small to medium, when we finally crush the 'evil banks' by increasing corporate taxes, am I and those like me considered collateral damage?

Zeus Smith
I'd like to know if these same people who are planning to protest against the wealthiest companies, the wealthiest being Apple, plan on getting rid of their iPhones, iPads and iPods as well? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Mark - Calgary
These protests accomplish absolutely nothing!

Prof. Pye Chartt
@ Rise Up!: Ask humiliated former Liberal leader Michael lgnatieff how well the whole "Rise Up!" thing went for him.

A mob full of losers being more inspiring than getting a job and saving for the future says a lot about people today.They are alergic to success through hard work, they want everything for nothing. Socialism is putting my cash in your pocket after you watch me toil for it.

Finally!...Hopefully! people are taking note as to what has been really going on over the past 30 years or so. Large corporations, profits, shareholders, banks - GOOD! Well rounded educated middle class that makes up the bulk of the population, with liesure time, affordable accomodations, pension plan, and government services like medicare? UN-IMPORTANT! While we all are busy happily addicted to and impressed with computers, technology, twittering, facebooking etc. (including me) we are actually standing on the edge of a cliff we don't see or believe is there. It's 1925 all over again with a new age twist! Hopefully we all know what happened, how it came about and who or what was responsible. In 1925 money markets, Wall Street, Banks, and large corporations (and their equivalents in other western countries) operated without regulation or monitoring agencies, for the most part. The middle class concept as we understand it didn't exist then.The is indeed a "class War" going on in the U.S. and else where, as the Republican House Leader John Boehner stated recently. However it is not against the large corporations and the weathy! Now is the time to stand up and have your voice heard. Unless, of course, you think living in a 21st century version of the 1920's is appealing to you!

Kelly Willis
Protest universities/colleges selling a myth of getting a dream job by going into massive debt which too late reveals itself to be a nightmare like the real-estate bubble when you find yourself working for $18,000 a year but 200,000 in debt. The promises of jobs is like going to a casino and being promised you'll hit the jackpot at the slots! Higher education is another scam!

Rise Up!
For those who mock this movement while sitting in the comfort of their ivory towers with the golden goose who lays the golden eggs at their feet. Know that your moment of blissful, whimsical tranquility is fleeting. Your turn is next! Which side do you want to be on when the clock ticks down to the witching hour and your minute is up? For whom the bell tolls? Why ..I do believe it's tolling for ~"you"~!

Good! It's time we all defend our lively hoods and economic prosperity so we all have an equal chance in life and no longer be sold out by political and corporate elites putting us into debt, bankruptcy, slavery as they sell us out for the new world order "Made in China" that profits politicians, corporate elites and Hong Kong billionaires.! Get out there and defend you, your family and your neighbors against the ruination of the little-guy/gals ability to earn a decent living and good life.

As in every protest it is usually the underachievers that protest the most and many of those do not even know what it is they are protesting against. Why not take on the Wall Street for a change.. Wearing fur coats, killing baby seals and the mighty climate change coming on us imminently protests must be boring by now. Give me a break !

Prof. Pye Chartt
Folks, nobody's really "listening"...except the media, and some left-leaning politicians (or right-wing populists) who will, inevitably, talk a good game, and then do nothing to alleviate the gripe.

This is utter foolishness! I think it's time for people who get involved in these types of things to stop and actually do something. Maybe if all these protesters would find a job and WORK the economy would do better. And if they can't find work...settle for something lower paying, or create your own work, and stop spending money you do not have.

Egyptian Canadian
The revolution happened in Egypt because the ruling authority became in bed with corruptive businessmen. The whole population was pushed into poverty while wealth was becoming more and more concentrated in the hands of a few. Social justice programs were canceled or reduced and the very poor segment of society was crushed while the rich became richer. The SAME thing is happening here in North America but on a different scale. I personally do not understand why with so much resources, how many can not find a job or secure a decent life for their children! Egyptians realized that the only way to fix things is to go to the streets in millions. Many nations around the world are also heading the same way.

The protesters might still believe in the myths taught in the education system, e.g. that more "oversight" increases economic growth and employment, and makes mortgages successful as a social policy.

I'm amazed at the hypocrisy of some people on here who complain that other people's greed has ruined the value of their investments in the stock market. If your stock investments have tanked, it's because of the actions and reactions of other stock investors like yourself. Everyone who invests in the stock market does so because they are motivate by profit. Do you think people invest in stocks because of an altruistic desire to fund other people's retirements? Don't be stupid. If you want a secure investment, try GICs. If that's not profitable enought for you, well I guess you're one of the greedy investors you like to complain about.

These idiots don't even know what they're protesting. They just resent the fact that someone makes more money than they do. Get a haircut, get a job and work hard for a few decades - Then you will be in a position where others will protest your success instead of the other way around.

Jim - North Saanich, BC
We live in an age in which many believe that they are "entitled" to what ever they want, much of which has already been debt financed to date by governments and individuals themselves. When things go badly in the global economy as a result, the same individuals yell loudly believing it is the fault of others be it corporations, political parties, governments or the "rich" so "let's protest" never believing for a moment that they are part of the problem.. The demonstrations reported in New York are likely the result of a populous that is disillusioned as the result of unrealistic political promises made in 2008 and which arguably made things a great deal worse today. Add to that with much of Europe and the situation looks bleak and it is bleak.I am far less certain about the reasons why demonstrations are slated for Toronto given that we face a different set of circumstances not least of which is the fact that we are not dealing with the economic fallout from the massive US "Ominbus Spending Bill" which in part underlies some of the New York demonstrations nor a great number of political promises that have left many utterly disillusioned.Some will doubtless demonstrate and/or riot as a matter of course be they anarchists or the extremists of the political spectrum. I say to others tell me clearly why and what are the issues here?. Is your own economic house in order or have you run up debt and are you expecting others to provide you with your wants,needs or solutions? If your the answer is yes to any those, you are the basic source of the problem - stay home and fix it yourself as no one else can do it for you.

Deny in NorthVan
It's about time we all started a backlash at corporate GREED!!! This is what has put us in such a mess. I worked for TELUS aka HELLISH, the company changed into a horrible workplace. They hired Ruthless and Evil managers, made all the staff feel like slaves, then got rid of most of the frontline staff, to hire people in the Philipenes. The big companies make so much money and the people at the top making all the Evil decisions rake in millions. The average worker has vacation days taken away, benefits and now most jobs are done by contractors. No one wants to pay any benefits anymore, what happens when people get sick or injured, do we move into carboard boxes???? I do not understand this world of GREED, so many of these Sociopaths that run these big corporations, have more money than they know what to do with, while the rest of us middle class, soon to be poor, struggle to pay our bills and mortgages. Something is seriously wrong here, who can live on $10 an hour in Vancouver? I will be joining the marching in the streets and support Unions once again, so all of us little people can have a voice to be heard!

These protests should be about an outdated monetary system. Not just corruption of the current system. Unemployment is not going to get better. The gap between the rich and pour is not going to get better. The current economy is based on infinite growth. We live on a finite planet with finite resources! We can not fix a system that is inherently flawed to begin with. People have to wake up and realize that the hole system is flawed. We can't fix the system! The hole structure has to change! People are starving, they need shelter. Countries are going bankrupt. Over what! Paper money! We have the resources and technology to fix the problems we all face. We just have to manage them properly. Wake up people!! This is one planet. These protests should be for a global change. National borders are an illusion. We are currently ignoring the laws of nature. And for doing that we will all suffer!

conscious global evolution
the economic way of over exploiting and destroying our world has to come to and end. We must peacefully protest in masses and things will change! We do not forget!

This past year we've had municipal, federal and later this week we will have provincial elections. In a sense we have had our chances to demand change and get our voices heard. If you're still "dissatisfied" with our economic status move to Greece where the government demands to get tax money from their citizens who don't have any more money. You want a reason to protest go to the tarsands in fort mcmoney. It's honestly ridiculous that people who watch too much youtube and news feel that our country is going down a bad road too, when really we're just fine.

po'd voter
To the 38 per cent of Canadian that voted for Harper and allowed him to secure his "majority" Thanks.. allot... This protest and the condition's that spawned it are what Harper is work towards!!.. not against!... unless you are a billionaire of hold interest/control of resource based company, voting conservative IS AGAINST YOUR OWN BEST INTEREST!!

Canada DID provide a bank bailout. The IMF ordered Harper to do it in 2008 and he did. He gave the banks $700 million to recapitalize them just as he was told to do. I have no idea if it was paid back since there has been virtually no reporting. Just because the media doesn't report on a story, doesn't mean it didn't happen.

In Mexico they don't protest the elite, they just kidnap their children and hold them ransom. 8 years ago after fearing for one another's families that a kidnapping may happen - it did. When you pay up there is an 20 per cent chance you get your loved one back alive. 80 per cent chance that you won't see them ever again. I believe this is spreading everywhere. It's the elite who are going to suffer in the end. In the case of my friend it cost her father $2,000,000 to have his daughter back - he was allowed to keep most of his wealth and I use the word "allowed" because the kidnappers knew what his net worth was. His daughter now lives in Mexico City living a low profile life driving a 1999 Honda. She hardly goes out anymore and the point is that people will push back. If the system cheats society there will be consequences and nobody knows when or where this revolution will start. Today may be the last day of normalcy. We will see what happens tomorrow morning.

Coleen in Manitoba
Think back to the protests prior to the invasion of Iraq. Millions around the globe marched; but the U.S. war machine wasn't deterred. We gather with purpose and hope in making change but change comes hard. I wonder if this latest 'Occupy Wall Street' can have any real effect. I hope it will. The arrests in New York have resulted in mainstream media coverage. Blocking access to the Brooklyn Bridge hands the authorities a ready excuse to arrest protesters. It's as simple as blocking access to emergency vehicles; fire trucks, ambulances. More care needs to be taken when planning demonstrations. I'm pleased to see Canadians will join with our own similar movement in support of our southern neighbors. To compare these demonstrations with what happened in Egypt isn't beneficial. The country is now open for business. Resources will be plundered, populations will be displaced as has been and continues to be the case wherever there is economic opportunity for foreign governments, namely the U.S.

The right to dissent! The absolute core of democracy and a catalyst for change. Long live protest!!!!!!!!!!!

soon there will be people protesting from one end of this country to the other. no matter which party is in power they are all the same. the time for change is now. canadians have to stand up for themselves.

They won't last too long once the snow starts. I't one big advantage Canada has when it comes to the antics of the lunatic fringe.

Time for REAL change
I am a fiscal and social conservative but I am not happy with the way things are going. My retirement funds have been decimated by the outrageous greed and manipulation which is left unchecked by our governments. Time for a North American revolution against greed and corruption if our elected MP's will not act in OUR interests which they seem not interested in doing at present. We have the rules but THEY NEED TO BE ENFORCED.

Obama must go!
When countries are not by righteous leaders the protests will come until they get proper leaders. "YES WE CAN" never cut it and things are now actually MUCH worse with greater polarization in the US under this Obama nation. Add to that they have to stop the corruption taking place in all capital markets including the corrupt Canadian TSX with so many fraudster brokers ruining our future.

Josey Wales
Good... personally I would like to see mobs gathered as this all over both Canada and the US of Eh. Being peaceful of course, until pushed not to be. How this country has retarded in the last 30 years is enough to gag a maggot. I do not have dead relations scattered all over Europe offering their ultimate sacrifice for peace and freedoms, only to GIVE both Canada and the US of Eh to Bankers and special interest groups. G8 and G20 ...STILL enrage me how we Canadians were treated like rouge cattle and stray dogs, actually our Yukon/Whitehorse By-Law doesn't even treat wild/stray animals as we were in TO. We the people ABSOLUTELY NEED to REGAIN our positions in this alleged free North America... WE ARE PISSED!!!!!!.... and they know it.... just a matter of time when folks as I are no longer the exception, but the norm. GWB... Dick Cheney... Donald Rumsfeld are all LYING WAR criminals DIRECTLY responsible for the disparity felt here and there in the most locked down and policed... "Free Nation" on this Orb. Google Prescott Bush to learn when the US banks to control of America circa 1927. Get a drone orbiting their ranches, for a repeat of last weeks hit........ X 3... or take GWB for a spin in a convertible in Dallas, the US government probably still has domestic snipers on payroll?

Attacking the occupyTO movement on grounds of 'the canadian economy is in great shape', shows all too clearly the corporations grip over the sleeping minds of the masses. Some ask if people in this movement ever received schooling in 'basic economics'. Here are some basic economics for you:

1. The world debt is counted in hundreds of trillions. In fact, there is more debt in the world than money, because of interest rates. Every dollar created as DEBT has to be paid back with INTEREST. Where does the money to pay that interest comes from? By creating more debt. It's a scam, and like we saw it in the housing bubble (which is not finished of course), we will see it on a global scale, and soon. A few people are aware of this - the people on top, right now bailing each other out with tax payers money, protecting their wealth for when the crash comes.

2. Because of laws that allow 'fractional banking', your bank, my bank, all banks only hold a fraction of the money they owe each of us. When the bank run comes and you go to your bank to take out your money, those of you arguing for the canadian economy being in great shape will have your jaws drop to the ground.

3. Do not belittle this movement as a movement as blind as yourself, concerned about 'national economies'. Even if you are satisfied with the 'status quo' of this world as it is now, it won't last long. 75 per cent of canadian export goes to the united states. When that nation is bankrupt, who are you going to sell to?

This movement is concerned with all humans all over the world, who suffer from the injustice imposed on us through hundreds of years of colonization, capitalism, corporatism, neo-liberalism.

James in Calgary
Those protesting sensibly I salute you. But please: A) Check out who's leading you. Are they legitmate in their cause or anarchists? B) No need to riot and cause destruction/ looting/ setting cars on fire. Do this peacefully, be organized and be clear in your message. This way you will garner more public support, rather than being called a mob of rioters!

I'm usually with the people calling a protest just an excuse to wreck stuff, but even I'm not holding this one against the protesters. Should we have the same thing in Canada? Probably not, Harper is wracking up debt, it's true, but most of it (not all of it) is needed debt. That being said however, Wall Street has become a death trap for "commoners" and a piggy bank for speculators. They crash the market, wipe out small-time investors, then buy as many stocks as they can cheaply before re-inflating the market. Rinse and Repeat until you have more money than you know what to do with, besides lord it over the 'peons' you've put in the poor house. It still amazes me that there're people who can do that and still sleep at night. Something needs to change in the U.S, and the astounding division between rich and poor is a good place to start.

Joseph P Gareau
The root cause of all of the "little peoples" problems is the same for all of us. The big money boys are toying with money in ways that cause our dollars to disappear, lose value and become virtually useless. The bigger the monetary system, the faster it falls and the further it falls, hence we see the US economy tumbling at a greater rate than ours and finding new lows everyday. The Canadian economy is fast falling as well, just not as fast as the US. The reason is we didn't have as large amounts of capital in action and susceptible to devaluating in the world markets through those big money game players. It is right that the protest be taken to Wall St. and any other major center of finance as this is where the problems stem from. Our governments are mere puppets in the hands of theses game players that are dictating world values on anything and eveything and until we can find a way to curtail and stop their games no government can do anything except get us out of the word market to stabilize our monetary values. That in itself would not work for us because we fail to produce any finished products and rely on other countries to take our raw materials and produce something we can use in our daily lives. It's hard times ahead but we had better bite the bullet now and start our own producing in this country so that we can be somewhat more isolated from the economic turmoils of other countries. Just a thought.

For those of you who this is new news. This has been going on for weeks and I am glad to see that CTV has finally stopped the media blackout. Lets see if they print this, I've been trying all week to get CTV to report this. WE ARE THE 99 per cent. Don't let them fool you. This is world wide. Go to facebook, go to you tube. It's all over the world. Stand Up Canada, time to force the government to stop wasting our money and regulate how they spend it. We need the government to be accountable. They are wasting our money on flights, haircuts and gold toilet bowls. I'm not kidding. In Quebec, where I live, all the money funded to the separatists could go to the hospitals and eduction. It's time for change. We put so much into government salaries, their pensions..etc. Nothing is left for us. I pay taxes, and then more taxes, and then more. It's enough!

Robert Easterling
If any criticism is to be doled out regarding these protests lack of a singular explanation as to the WHY we are doing this it is easy to understand. There are SO many answers to this question, so many issues and topics but only one source for their cause. The overwhelming corruption of our political processes by corporations and their lobbyists and a BOUGHT congress who have turned their backs on the middle class of our country! Not only have they turned their backs on us they are now attacking us even during peaceful protests. This will not go unanswered! We ARE the 99 per cent and we WILL be heard. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable!

Prof. Pye Chartt
I steadfastly believe that if the U.S. government had stepped back, and let investment and banking institutions fail, along with GM and certain other alleged trophies of capitalism, the masses would have collectively soiled their pants, flipped out, and become enraged over their government's refusal to "save" jobs and "save" the economy. When discussing "greed," the masses conveniently ignore that behind every single mindless mortgage and grossly overvalued piece of real estate was a GREEDY American citizen trying to bite off more than he/she could chew, to either live unduly high on the hog or simply make money by leveraging and flipping the asset. These individuals signed the papers (instruments) that got bundled on Wall Street into mortgage-backed securities, and sold to other gluttonous (greedy) souls. Greed is typically a two-way street, folks. As a libertarian, I deplore blatant corporate welfare, especially that in the form of bailouts. However, the law and surrounding truth of "failure" in capitalism is something most people cannot handle. Look inward. It would have been mighty ugly. (By the way, if you added up all the associated executive bonuses that lefties obsessively gripe about, and stripped them away, the average citizen and, moreover, the overall economy, wouldn't be measurably better off. It's an argumentative distraction.)

Rob western Canadian
This is all fixed and someday it will all come out. How can people being investing in a US dollar when its a floating boat with a massive hole in its hule. White collar crime at its best, glad the rich guys can retire, meanwhile its freedom 85 for alot of us, then you die and they take what evers left in lawyers fees, other hidden charges and taxes. So kids don't be banking on whats left over when your parents move on because these guys will take most of it! Invest in a safe and keep your money at home and you can take it out when you want not when they let you.

I would advise the police to crack some heads this time if people start destroying property. We have had enough of the anarchists being allowed to do what they want, the rampant destruction of our infrastructure. Peaceful protest, no problem, get violent, and you should be punished accordingly!

George V.
That's what we need more riots and protests. A sure way to build up our economy. For the sale of lots of building an construction materials, employment for the building trades, relacement and repair of vehicles, Increased security and police employment. After the mayhem and riots have subsided blame it all on our three levels of government and the over zealous heavy handed police forces. Just like the G-20 and Vancouver. What a Great Idea.

Byndy Stork
Hey Canada...

Why are you wondering if you have a reason to protest? Does Tar Sands ring a bell? Environmental degredation of that sort doesn't stop at the border... In Australia we are fighting coal seam gas and a massive mining industry that amounts to nothing but rape and pillage with no comeback for the people... rape and pillage by multinationals who and are embedded in our government... corporations who take what they want and leave nothing but disaster in their wake... and a few fat cat politicians... I'm sure you don't have to look too far to find that in Canada... how much reason do you need to oppose corporate interference in public life?

Corporations have more power then do Governments. Free Trade gave them more power then governments. This is one part of all Free Trade agreements that should be abolished. The World Bank and IMF also give corporations a lot of power. Both force their agenda on poor countries. Both the World bank, IMF and Free Trade are there for the corporations not to help people. All three also contribute greatly to pollution around the world. Government no longer have power to stop the corporations from polluting. Sad but true. Governments can be sued by corporations if they attempt to stop pollution, Lost profit you know.

Some people just love to get out and protest. I'm sure we'll see the same old faces that are always out. What exactly are they protesting against... our banks were not bailed out, out economy is the best in the G20, unemployment is low inspite of what the NDP are saying. So what is the problem. I'm sure the unions will be out in full force demanding even higher salaries... and don't forget the masked anarchists... they'll be there to smash a few windows and start a few fires.. as usual. It was Obama that gave the banks a trillion dollars... why not protest in front of the White house?

Canada didn't bail out banks???? Didn't the government buy 75b in mortgages?

as usual the left/anachist groups have no real understanding of the facts. Canada is doing much better than the majority of countries, we have a robust economy and things are getting better, but it's easier to manipulate fools if you can convince them how hard things are for them.

power to the people. the only way to achieve change is to protest in mass.

Greed has no political face to it.

The TSX and TSX venture exchange are out of control. I have written the Prime Minister and Jim Flaherty several times only to receive back patronizing form letters. OUR GOVERNMENT APPARENTLY DOES NOT CARE that our retirement funds are being stolen due to flagrant fraud and manipulation on our stock markets. In my mind the government is becoming as corrupt as the practices we want to see stopped. Sign of the times.

Old Ted makes a valid point. Corporations run the governments because the corporations, specifically in our western society, own the resources. Brian Mulroney should never have sold off so many crown corporations. However, the real issue is that countries like China, Japan and Germany, are in positions of real power in the world because of their financial prowess and management. These countries have achieved thru finance what they could not achieve thru war, World Dominance. And, like any good business, they are in it for the money, because of the "golden rule" Those who have the "gold" tend to make the rules. Be they socialist, dictator or capitalist depends on who we elect or let take power. Protest will not change these things in the west, getting out to vote will. We in Canada are to blame for for Mr Harper, Ontarians take heed!

Now we are approaching a day of reckoning. We have been living in the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world, but the bubble is ending.... There are several ways that ThePowersThatBe could handle this, but all of them will lead to greater financial instability....

enough people protecting will make a difference for the us.( arab spring) these protests will spread to canada as the oppressed people of this country will be heard. we need to stand up to the harper government and let them know we have rights.

The next several years are going to be an incredibly clear illustration of why debt is bad.....

AIM Coffy
This is not a protest or demonstration, although there will be those coming out of this. It is an peaceful occupation, meaning they don't protest then disperse and go home, they stay and bring attention and awareness to the fact that it doesn't matter who you elect the same people still run the show. Since Politicians don't actually have the real say on how things are run in our country we'll go over their heads and take it to their bosses, the bankers and the corporate elite. Everyone commenting has a legitimate grievance of their own weather it be against the party they support or some other seeking change in the country but there is no political solution to this as Politicians do not run our country, it's their bosses, financiers and the rich and corporate elite who really wields power and it's those they are targeting. They had an agenda but no leader. They feel that instead of electing leaders to make decisions for all of them, they will rule themselves by consensus among themselves at General Assemblies where every single person gets involved instead of looking to one leader for direction. Our country will soon be run this way. The movement global goals is to overthrow the financial elite and decolonialize the world and end capitalism. It's part of the Global Revolution, it's happening everywhere, although you might not hear it as they are shaking in their boots and have a media blackout. We are coming to your city, expect us!

The corruption that goes on among brokers, hedge funds and investment bankers is well known among those in the industry. The RCMP is all but helpless to enforce regulations. The government MUST clamp down on financial corruption by those who are destroying our capital markets not to mention peoples retirement funds. The feds need to outlaw shorting as a first step to reestablishing order.

When the dominoes start to fall we are going to witness a financial avalanche which is going to destroy the finances of millions of people...... You might want to get out of the way with Gold and Silver....

If people swarmed the ballot boxes it would do more good.

TEA from SK
Communists of the world unite?... Thought we'd been down that track already...

Our governments no longer represent the majority of the people, they represent the majority of the money.

We are in much better shape than the US, there is no doubt. The above is still true.

Old Ted In the states its a very serious issue that yes needs to be fixed in canada its not nearly as bad as the states at all.

This is what happends when you spend Billions of tax-payer money on bailouts and needles illigal Wars... Now we are broke and your pensions will soon be gone.... Are you happy Harper you ruined Canada... The Revolution Begins....

Old Ted
If you want to understand a little about what these people are protesting about, look up what Alessio Rastani has to say about the stock market and Goldman-Sachs in particular. Huge corporations, in their greedy madness, are running amok in the world and are going to destroy our economies...... and they don't care. Our governments are controlled by these behemoths and don't have the courage nor will to stand up to them.

Steve As for lots of riots and protests very very unlikely things are not nearly as bad as some on the far left seem to think. As for jobs you talk about hand outs yet you aslo talk about jobs going over seas if you cut all hand out there will be many amny more companys leaving canada.

This group needs to clearly state that they plan a peaceful protest. This group needs to be clear in their reasons for holding the protest and the desired outcomes, i.e., what will they change? If the organizers do not make these points clear the leaders of this protest will inevitably have their intended cause usurped by the ever present "black-ops" idiots. The general public of Canada will NOT support them and the police and possible the army, if things really get out of hand, will descend on them and it will not be kind. Canadians will no longer tolerate mindless anarchists causing chaos just for the sake of chaos. If you have a real cause, with a real OBTAINABLE purpose, hit the streets. Just don't disrupt my ability to feed my family or you will pay for it.

Wall Street and other Stock Exchanges of this kind, in the World, is a "Symbol of Ultimate Greed". I wonder if the "speculators" realize that any time the share value goes up, it could be at the expense of the poor masses and the poorer Nations?

Proud Albertan
Good for the Americans!!!! They are FINALLY starting to realize that there old system just wont cut it anymore! i hope they’re message gets through to their government and above all to the REPUBLICANS! As for the Canadian movement I’m not so sure what they hope to accomplish in Toronto... the situation in the states is far different from our own. Despite what some of the fear mongerers out there would have you believe Canada is riding this recession out better than others precisely BECAUSE we regulate our banks in the FIRST PLACE. If anything they should pool there finances and send some supporters down south to support the American protesters seeing as how the Americans are the main reason we are in a worldwide recession in the first place!

Don't they teach basic economics in schools these days? Canada didn't bail out any banks, and the Canadian auto companies paid their money back (didn't they?). If they want something to protest in Canada, how about the price we pay for fuel! (and recently, the HST in Ontario being put on gas.). That causes the price of everything else to increase, and then we pay still more tax, etc. Now we have less money to spend, and the economy suffers!!! We need to get the price of fuel down!!!

Plato quote "There will be no end to the troubles of states, or of humanity itself, till phylosophers become kings in this world, or till those we now call kings and rulers really and truly become phylosophers, and political power and phylosophy thus come into the same hands

This is all leftist progressives crazyness! Francis Scott Piven must be giddy with excitment! If you don't know who she is, look her up!

Steve H
I'm tired of our government and it's corporate welfare, it has trickled our jobs overseas and trickled our money into the pockets of big business. The federal government appears to be on track to meet its $33.2-billion deficit projection for the current fiscal year. Sorry folks you can't blame that spending on the liberals. Our national debt now at 569 billion and growing at a rate of about 4 million dollars per hour. The liberals left Harper with a balanced budget and a 13 billion dollar surplus. Harper blew that 13 billion before the recession started, then added over 120 billion to our national debt. opposition parties agreed to only 13 billion in stimulus spending called the action plan. Harper plans to keep on spending and giving away our tax dollars to big business, It's been all down hill since Harper became PM. Lots of protests and riots on there way.

As if this protest will make any difference!

Pierre noel
I encourage anyone there to raise his voice for me. This is a repeating cycle. After the oil companies suck all the wealth out of the world then the stock markets and the brokers come after the regular person savings. I am from Halifax and my heart goes out to the people who will attend this demonstration. If I lived in Toronto I would be there.

This is the issue some in canada just assume things are the same as the states however there far different.

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